Im Seriously The Worst

IMG_5253I know I haven’t updated in awhile. I guess I’m the worst blogger in history. Truth is, I HAVE been following paleo pretty well the last few weeks. Ive noticed some great changes and a bit of weightloss. Im not doing super low carb paleo but moderate carb/cal watching which seems to be working while avoiding the low-carb flu symptoms.

I have had a huge rush of work from my writing jobs which is SO fantastic. I couldn’t be happier. But when I’m done writing a bunch of blogs, the last thing I want to do is write another one. Ive also had such a fun time taking care of my lil chunk of baby who is growing up so fast. She is already looking like a toddler now. I love it. The older she gets, the stronger she gets, the less I worry (ok, I’ll worry till she is like….forever…but still) but Im so happy things are lookin up for Rachel this year. Im happy to start making more money and get my career off and running. I have some other things brewing as well, which I’ll be updating on as we go.

Well, I better get to it, I have an insane amount of work to do this weekend and practically no time to get it done. Hope all is well with you all!



Hey guys. I knew I wouldnt be able to really update during Christmas. My family was in town and between spending time with them, the baby, and keeping up with writing work, I was pretty busy. I fell off the wagon (expectedly) during the holidays, but I don’t regret it too much. My grandma sent very delicious italian cookies from Boston that I savored, my parents ordered dinner a few times, I tried to make decent choices but I figure its only a few days, better not to stress.

The paleo gods must have had enough with me today though. While eating the tail end of the biscotti with my coffee, it jabbed me really  good in the roof of my mouth.Now it hurts when I eat anything. I guess thats what I get. Also I made myself a new workspace that Im really pleased with. Im so excited to get it 100% done…but here is a sneak peek:


So pumped! Its beautiful, clean, girly, has nice smelling candles. A big difference from the stinky man-cave that it was. Anyway, my husband and I are both eager to get back to work, feeling good. How did you guys do this holiday season?

Grocery Shopping Is Hard

Ok, so I love grocery shopping so so much. But sometimes its really hard to stay focused on paleo-friendly food. I typically fudge on one or two things. This time it was lentil chips and sherry. Ok, not the worst thing in the world, but when I go to Trader Joes and its Christmas time, they have everything peppermint, chocolate, delicious, salted caramel, etc etc. It gets overwhelming. I feel like Im dodging bullets everywhere. But I did come home with a pretty rad stock of good stuff. They had pickled beets in vinaigrette that I am excited to try. Oh god do I love pickled anything, especially beets.

10858585_10101561681155585_3419507669888276604_nAnother really cool thing is my favorite jacket in the whole world fits me again! Yay! I was really starting to miss it. I cant wait till I fit better into my more normal clothing. I feel like I have a whole closet full of clothes mocking me.

Although when I went to go visit my friend who I haven’t seen in a few months, he told me I looked great and “skinny” whhhaaa YAY! Also I got yet another writing gig, this hopefully will be a normal thing as well. If I could get it, I would actually be a full time freelance writer! How exciting is that?!

Anyway, I hope all is well with you guys! Also I am thinking of making my husband a paleo-bday cake treat. I was debating the brownie recipe but I am open to any other recommendations!



Hey guys! Im down another pound this week. There were many times I wanted to cheat, I wanted to dive in head first to a big pile of chips and cookies….but I didn’t.

Im also insanely bogged down by writing work. Im not complaining, I welcome the income! But my brain is fried. It may also be the low carb flu.

Also, the siracha (spelling?) BBQ sauce from Trader Joes is AH-MA-ZING. I definitely recommend it as a good way to liven up some meat.

Tea- My Lifesaver


The thing I have struggled with is giving up my snacks. I would also tend to snack on something starchy or chocolate. I haven’t had chocolate in two weeks because every time I feel for reaching for something to snack on, I pour a cuppa instead (this is the fancy Australian version of a cup of tea….Im so hip)

My favorite has been Trader Joe’s seasonal “Vanilla Cinnamon Black Tea” which gives a nice kick of caffeine which also helps pick me up mid-day when I seem to drag.

I am proud of myself, sticking to a mainly paleo diet for now almost two weeks. I already feel better! The next step will be getting off the gluten free rice bread that I love in the mornings and replacing it with some eggs and bacon. Or at least some convenient fruit/nuts/seeds.

How is everyone doing out there in computer land?


MIbCzcvxQdahamZSNQ26_12082014-IMG_3526I am feeling very grizzly this morning. My daughter slept ok through the night and I got at least a little sleep. If you have followed my blog you know that I went to law school, passed the bar, etc. I was laid off from one firm due to lack of available work and then worked as a divorce mediator for about six months until (what turned out to be) my permanent maternity leave. My daughter requires a lot of therapy and doctor visits so instead of going back to work at the moment I am working from home doing contract and freelance writing. I’m actually enjoying it quite a bit.

As I did before, I am doing a slow transition into paleo. Some people can dive into the pool, I like to wade in slowly, adjusting to the temperature of the water. I find that is what really helps me long term. So far in the last few weeks I have given up sweets (no chocolate/candy/soda) and most grains. I do allow myself some homemade pizza once a week and right now I am still hooked on brown rice bread. At least its rice? I am also focusing on eating one salad a day (either lunch or dinner) which i felt like helped me a lot before in keeping on track.

Working out has been a challenge more from a time prospective. I try to hike once on the weekend and walks during the week but I would really like to get in the gym and lift some things maybe twice a week. So far it only happens sporadically.

Do you guys have any other tips on transitioning? How did you adapt to the paleo lifestyle? Did you jump in 100%? 80/20? Slowly change one thing at a time?

The Return

Hello Everyone (if you are still out there)

Its been like…2 whole years since I have been back at this blog. Tons has happened (well mainly this year) I had a baby. Shes IMG_3983adorable btw. Well her story is a big story on it’s own. She was born (unbeknown to us) with a very rare genetic disorder called Glutaric Acidemia Type 2. I had a completely normal pregnancy, she came out completely normal, everything was great. Then she fell into a coma with a blood glucose of 12. (normal is 60-120, below 10 is brain damage). She fought so hard and made it through. Although most infants diagnosed don’t survive their first year, she is 10 months and doing great. We actually may even graduate from hospice care next year.

So during this whole year I have been putting her first, me second. I have still about 30ish pounds to lose from pregnancy and I really miss how amazing I looked when I embraced the paleo lifestyle. I remembered how this blog and all of the comments were really motivating for me so I would ask you guys. I need help. I need help getting back to what I was. I am slowly piecing my life back together after my daughter’s diagnosis and one of the missing pieces is my body.

IMG_4293Thank you guys. I can’t wait to get back