Today is Positive Motivation Day!!

Ok. So ive been a bit down lately. Mainly because I get depressed thinking about how much longer I have in school (ugh), and really being at school is hard when half the school ignores your existance (insert teenage angst here) but I have told myself….GET POSITIVE!! Negative thinking didnt get anyone anywhere!! So  I was looking for fun things to motivate me…and I saw this:

Exciting!! Looks awesome. I am definitely not in good enough shape but there is my motivation!! I love stuff like this, just what I needed to get positive. I am just the type person that I need a goal, something to train for. Any other primal goers in SoCal going to this?


2 thoughts on “Today is Positive Motivation Day!!

  1. That looks suspiciously like a longer CrossFit workout! By the way, I encourage you to try CrossFit as it is totally amazing. I very it as an extension of Mark Sission’s Primal Fitness.

    On another note, I had coconut milk with my coffee for the first time after seeing you drink it so much. I must say it’s my new favorite way to drink coffee!



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