My MovNat Experience

Hey guys! So yesterday I got to goto a fundamentals of MovNat clinic! Let  me just tell you I am SORE AS HELL today. Ill give you a run down:

First we went over body awareness, Erwan explained the philosophy of MovNat and had some very insightful tips on how to change our thinking from ‘working out’ to more adaptive and useful movements. Since this was a fundamentals class we just went over some of the basic stuff: walking, running, climbing, lifting, jumping and then combined our skills at the end in a combo exercise. As simple as these sound, they are more complicated than I can explain. On the running part I approached an obstacle in which we were supposed to step up on this oblong playground thing in the shape of a small slide and shuffle down. Well, my foot didn’t want to move as I stepped up and I ended up eating dirt. I didn’t hurt anything, save my ego a bit. But, I expect that I will never be perfect and I will fall sometimes. The important thing is to get right back up and try again! Throughout the clinic Erwan joked a lot about how much he talked but I really enjoyed hearing his philosophy on moving, it was very motivating and inspiring when trying to complete the tasks at hand. Lunch was a fun experience to just sit around and get to know the other people in the group with me, and hearing some stories from Erwan. The end of the day was super fun as we pulled our skills together to complete a MovNat obstacle course. I don’t want to reveal too much about the class, don’t wanna ruin the surprise for anyone who is planning on taking it.

My thoughts on the course is that it was very inspiring, and boy did I need the inspiration lately. Law school requires me to be stuck in a classroom, small study room, or library for most of the day. The clinic reminded me that to be happy I need to make more of an effort to get outside and move more. It is something that I really enjoy, and I felt myself truly letting go of the stress (the constant ‘im not studying right now guilt’ I experience when im doing something fun). I will be taking these fundamentals I learned and trying to improve. Thanks Erwan!

If you would like to sign up for a clinic or check out more about MovNat:


5 thoughts on “My MovNat Experience

  1. Hi Athena,
    I was at the Saturday clinic and I’m STILL sore…and bruised…and scraped up…and sun burnt…and SMILING! 😀 I can scarcely believe how much fun that was!
    P.S. Did you get rained on as well?

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