I finally know what I want to do with this blog.

Ok. so I haven’t been really posting as of late. A combination of being busy with classes, procrastination and lack of creativity I suppose. I was always thinking “How can I make my blog different from all the other paleo/primal/hunter-gatherer blogs out there?” I mean, not that blogging about the lifestyle or offering recipies, etc is a bad thing at all. I enjoy and read many blogs out there (free the animal, primal toad, huntgatherlove, hunter-gatherer, huntgathercook, thewildernesschilde, MDA, etc) and I really enjoy them. However, I dont really have any specialized knowledge (I cant tear apart the China study), I dont get to cook enough so not really any great new recipes, and no real ‘charm’ to write humorous bits on how crazy interesting those 30 bananas a day people are. So what will set me apart from them? How can I make my blog more interesting to my readers? What do I do?

Solution: Im going to update throughout the day via pictures documenting my daily primal life. My meals, and short little quips about my thoughts goin on at that moment. The site will be updated 3xish a day depending on how interesting/boring my day is going but definitely at every meal via my iphone. This will be real life, sort of like a primal photo reality TV show. Sometimes you will see me studying, sometimes i will be climbing trees at the park and getting weird looks from strangers. This is the plan. Just a girl living in the modern zoo trying to keep primal wits about her. It will begin soon…


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