Technical Difficulties! Grah!

So I think I upload a post via my phone and it doesnt go through. So frustrating. Here is my fast-breaker last night:

Its a big salad with chopped brats, some super aged cheese and walnuts on top w/ a balsalmic dressing. I had a few sundried tomatos on the side as a snack while I cooked and may or may not have broken in a new dark chocolate bar ;)!

This morning has been great! Amazing weather:

Although its a bit chilly, so it warrants a scarf!

My beagle posed for a slightly hilarious picture:

Well off to school for a meeting and then getting my first pedicure ever. They better not take off the calluses that I have worked up. Ill tell them specifically not to touch them! I worked hard for those suckers!!


One thought on “Technical Difficulties! Grah!

  1. I wish I could see the look on that women’s face when you tell her not to scrape the calluses off…My wife says that not scraping the calluses off goes against everything the pedicure is meant to be.

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