Thanksgiving + Black Friday 10 mile barefoot hike!

Viola!! I made my first Thanksgiving turkey! I seriously impressed myself with how deliciously crispy the outside skin was and how juicy the inside was. Why don’t I make more turkey throughout the year? I will have to now. Whats better than 14 lbs of leftover meat?! So many possibilities! I can’t take all the credit. The method was recommended to me by’s “How to cook the perfect turkey”. I definitely hand it to them, the Turkey was pretty damn near perfect. I hope ya’ll had a lovely Thanksgiving full of great food and family. This was my first Thanksgiving away from mine, but I was sort of excited to cook my first entire meal for my future husband. I wanted to impress him and convince him hes getting a wife that CAN cook when I want to. My cooking has taken a back seat since starting law school. Most of the time we cook “primal food” which is just some sort of ground meat (beef, turkey, chicken) with broccoli slaw sauteed in coconut oil. So this thanksgiving feast was a treat we both really looked forward to.

We tried to incorporate primal/paleo into the meal since our friend who came over is also a paleo-convert. So we mainly had Turkey and this giant salad with some potatoes and sausage gravy made with heavy cream and squash casserole (made without bread or crackers). The only non-primal food that snuck in was some southern cornbread stuffing and an apple pie. Which i definitely felt the bloat on. Im glad the pie was

destroyed by the two boys. I had a modest piece but enjoyed every bite.

With all that glucose replenishment made me really want to burn some energy this morning. I had my fiance drop me 10 miles from the house and I decided to walk barefoot back home. It was a beautiful day, great weather (65 degrees and sunny) and I really enjoyed 8 miles of it. Around the end of the 8th mile

the terrain changed to really rocky and apparently that was a good place to break beer bottles (-___-;;) so my progress was slowed considerably to avoid stepping

on sharp glass. I guess I went a bit too far on the gravel and started developing blisters.

No fun! Im really glad I went, it helped clear my mind and put me in a great mood, but Im limping around for the next few days. It was really a test run to see if I can do a barefoot marathon next summer. I feel with another 6 months of training and strengthening my feet, It will be a possibility! I have some pretty nice calluses developing on the bottom of my feet. Love it! Well I hope all you guys had a great Thanksgiving and survived black Friday!!


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