Stress Hormones and Weight Gain

Ugh. Its almost finals week, hence why I havent been posting. Around this time I tend to diverge from primal-eating due to time constraints and stress, I know, not an excuse but it does get really tough when I have absolutely zero time to cook and the ‘quick’  food choices are not great around me. I try to make do. However this coupled with lack of exercise (due to time and a foot injury) and stress hormones always cause me to bloat up. Happens every year. Ugh. My foot is finally getting to the point that I can actually walk though, so Ive been trying to get out for a couple miles a day to help with the stress. So frustrating, i just feel like a big ol’ fatty non-primal blob when its finals time. Constrained by both the guilt of not studying when I do try and get out to exercise/get sun and the mental exhaustion vs. physical exhaustion. As I sit here huddled in my school’s basement with papers strewn about and about a gallon of coffee in my system, I keep repeating, “This is not how humans were supposed to live! FREEDOM! I CRAVE FREEDOM!”  Sorry for the dramatic tone of this post, just trying to convey my thought process at the moment. Im sure many people who are in super stressful and boring situations could relate. But the point is Im really not eating that horrible, yet my body feels absolutely horrid. I still IF, my main food is meat and veggies. Just some additional chocolate might slip in, perhaps a homemade tortilla or some Pho, but by western standards its not too bad. Just goes to show that food is only part of it. When you dont get enough sleep, too much stress and not enough sun can effect your weight as well. Take care of yourselves.


One thought on “Stress Hormones and Weight Gain

  1. I am convinced that we were naturally supposed to experience the majority of our stress in the context of physical movement (i.e. running from the lion, hunting for food, etc.). Without exercise, stress is orders of magnitude harder to handle. You might want to try some upper body weight/core weight training while your foot heels. Good luck with finals.

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