Over the past few weeks of feeling bloated, miserable, etc. I decided to shift my prorities a bit. Yes, sure law school is definitely important, and I really want to make great grades on my finals. But why can’t I be happy and comfortable doing it? Why sacrifice my body and sanity for a number on a piece of paper?! So I shifted my mental state from negative to positive. Enjoying the little things (like Tommy with our dog happily in her dog food bag! (After we get new dog food and transfer it into our big plastic food container, she gets to play with the bag, and loves it!) And also placing a bigger priority on eating good for my body AND mind. We have short on cash lately (as im sure a lot of people can relate) so I have had to switch to corn-fed rather than grass-fed for the time being. This at first really bugged me. To the point where I would just for-go meat all together because I really honestly dont like the taste of corn-fed beef. But I realized that at least its better than bread and ice cream and I should just work with what I can. After about a solid week of eating primal again I de-bloated and started sleeping better. Not to mention getting my sun is making me feel like 200% better. So even if you are feeling stressed, bloated and just not how you want to….You can always turn it around quickly once you get back on the bandwagon.  Have a good week y’all!!


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