For the love of Bacon.

So ive been playing around with making a primal theme blog to replace this one.  The purpose? To share my passion for the almighty bacon. Then my parents (knowing my obsession) gave me this link to a gift guide for bacon lovers. I really hope you check it out.  I will be frying up some ideas while I finish up finals. Have a good one!


3 thoughts on “For the love of Bacon.

  1. I LOVE bacon! Sounds like you will need to do some ‘extensive research’ on the subject:) Hope you are keeping your sanity during finals. Hang in there, winter break is almost here!

  2. Hi! So glad to see you’re still blogging! I am not sure how I came across your blog – somehow stumbling here from the paleo/primal blog trail – but just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your updates.

    YAY to bacon post! I eat bacon at least 1x per day! Knowing my love for bacon, someone once gifted me some “bacon” bandaids and I was so sad when I ran out!

    A quick appetizer for you if you eat dairy:
    Jalepeno peppers
    Cream cheese

    Cut jalapeno peppers lengthwise in half, de-seed. Fill with cream cheese. Wrap in 1/2 strip of bacon (just enough to go all around). Use toothpick to close. Bake until bacon is to your preferred crispiness level – YUM!!!

    I take these to holiday potlucks so I know I’ll have a tasty, bacony treat!

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