MIbCzcvxQdahamZSNQ26_12082014-IMG_3526I am feeling very grizzly this morning. My daughter slept ok through the night and I got at least a little sleep. If you have followed my blog you know that I went to law school, passed the bar, etc. I was laid off from one firm due to lack of available work and then worked as a divorce mediator for about six months until (what turned out to be) my permanent maternity leave. My daughter requires a lot of therapy and doctor visits so instead of going back to work at the moment I am working from home doing contract and freelance writing. I’m actually enjoying it quite a bit.

As I did before, I am doing a slow transition into paleo. Some people can dive into the pool, I like to wade in slowly, adjusting to the temperature of the water. I find that is what really helps me long term. So far in the last few weeks I have given up sweets (no chocolate/candy/soda) and most grains. I do allow myself some homemade pizza once a week and right now I am still hooked on brown rice bread. At least its rice? I am also focusing on eating one salad a day (either lunch or dinner) which i felt like helped me a lot before in keeping on track.

Working out has been a challenge more from a time prospective. I try to hike once on the weekend and walks during the week but I would really like to get in the gym and lift some things maybe twice a week. So far it only happens sporadically.

Do you guys have any other tips on transitioning? How did you adapt to the paleo lifestyle? Did you jump in 100%? 80/20? Slowly change one thing at a time?


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