Grocery Shopping Is Hard

Ok, so I love grocery shopping so so much. But sometimes its really hard to stay focused on paleo-friendly food. I typically fudge on one or two things. This time it was lentil chips and sherry. Ok, not the worst thing in the world, but when I go to Trader Joes and its Christmas time, they have everything peppermint, chocolate, delicious, salted caramel, etc etc. It gets overwhelming. I feel like Im dodging bullets everywhere. But I did come home with a pretty rad stock of good stuff. They had pickled beets in vinaigrette that I am excited to try. Oh god do I love pickled anything, especially beets.

10858585_10101561681155585_3419507669888276604_nAnother really cool thing is my favorite jacket in the whole world fits me again! Yay! I was really starting to miss it. I cant wait till I fit better into my more normal clothing. I feel like I have a whole closet full of clothes mocking me.

Although when I went to go visit my friend who I haven’t seen in a few months, he told me I looked great and “skinny” whhhaaa YAY! Also I got yet another writing gig, this hopefully will be a normal thing as well. If I could get it, I would actually be a full time freelance writer! How exciting is that?!

Anyway, I hope all is well with you guys! Also I am thinking of making my husband a paleo-bday cake treat. I was debating the brownie recipe but I am open to any other recommendations!



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